code of ethics


MANA CODE OF ETHICS Over the past 60 years, MANA, in conjunction with its thousands of agency and manufacturer members, has developed the following Code of Ethics. These are the principles that we aspire to, and all new MANA members subscribe to them when they submit their applications for membership. By following this code, MANA members create professional, effective business partnerships that serve worldwide markets in the most cost-effective manner.

I. The Sales Agency’s Responsibilities to the Manufacturer/Principal:

  • To comply with the Principal’s terms and conditions of sale.
  • To conscientiously cover the assigned territory, accounts or industry segment.
  • To avoid any form of misrepresentation.
  • To establish relationships only with those Principals which will be well represented by the Sales Agency.
  • To refrain from representing competing lines without written agreement of the Principal.
  • To constantly strive to add value to the relationship between the Principal and the Customers.

II. The Manufacturer’s/Principal’s Responsibilities to the Sales Agency:

  • To enter into a fair, clearly worded, written Sales Representative (Independent Contractor) Agreement which addresses the needs, concerns, expectations and objectives of both parties.
  • To refrain from modifying the terms of this agreement, except by mutual written consent following full discussion of the matter.
  • To recognize the Sales Agency as an important element in the sales goals of the Principal.
  • To constantly strive to support the Sales Agency’s efforts by timely responses and open communication.

III. The Sales Agency’s Responsibilities to the Customer:

  • To promote only those products or services which are in the Customer’s best interest.
  • To constantly strive to improve the relationship between the Principal and the Customer.
  • To clearly and fairly communicate the needs of all parties in the business relationship.
  • To process Customer problems and questions promptly and accurately.

VI. The Responsibilities of one Sales Agency to Another:

  • To share ideas beneficial to the rep profession.
  • To respect existing Principal relationships of other Sales Agencies.
  • To refrain from using unfair methods to solicit the Customers of another Sales Agency.
  • To cooperate to enhance the professional relationship of the Sales Agency and its Principals by supporting MANA, which was established for that purpose; subscribing to its aims and objectives, and in every practical way working to advance the marketing interests of all Sales Agencies and their Principals.

CPMR CODE OF ETHICS The Code of Ethics for the Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative designation has been adopted to promote and maintain the highest standards of service and personal conduct among its elite members. Adherence to these standards is required for acceptance in the program, and serves to assure public confidence in the integrity and service of the CPMR.

As a Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representative, I pledge to:

  1. Maintain the highest standard of personal conduct.
  2. Promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within my industry.
  3. Maintain loyalty to the organization that employs me, and pursue its objectives in ways that are consistent with industry interests.
  4. Recognize and discharge my responsibility, and that of my industry, to uphold all laws and regulations relating to the CPMR policies and activities.
  5. Strive for excellence in all aspects of my industry.
  6. Use only legal and ethical means in all activities.
  7. Accept no personal compensation for related services or activities except with the knowledge and consent of the management of my company.
  8. Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information entrusted or known to me by virtue of my position.
  9. Refuse to engage in, or countenance, activities for personal gain at the expense of my company or the industry at large.
  10. Always communicate internal and external statements in a truthful and accurate manner.
  11. Cooperate in every reasonable and proper way with industry colleagues, and work with them in the advancement of the selling profession.
  12. Use every opportunity to improve public understanding of Manufacturers’ Representatives and Agents and their positive impact upon my industry.

CSP Code of Ethics. The Certified Sales Professional code of ethics is the set of principles and standards that all designation holders will strive to adhere to with customers, organizations, competition, communities and colleagues in all activities.

As a Certified Sales Professional I will:

  • Maintain honesty and integrity in all relationships with customers, prospective customers and colleagues and continually work to earn their trust and respect.
  • Accurately represent my products or services to the best of my ability in a manner that places my customer or prospective customer in a position that benefits both.
  • Respect and protect the proprietary and confidential information entrusted to me by my company and my customers and not engage in activities that may conflict with the best interests of  my customers or my company.
  • Continually upgrade my knowledge of my products/services, sills and my industry.
  • Use the time and resources available to me only for legitimate business purposes.  I will only participate in activities that re ethical and legal, and when in doubt, I will seek counsel.
  • Respect my competitors and their products and services by representing them in a manner which is hones, truthful and based on accurate information that has be substantiated.
  • Endeavor to engage in business and selling practices which contribute to a positive relationship with the community.
  • Assist and counsel my fellow sales professionals where possible in the performance of their duties.
  • Abide by and encourage others to adhere to this Code of Ethics.