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It is Summit Tool & Forging’s policy to deliver defect-free products to customers on time, every time. We are committed to meeting theese objectives by continually improving our business operating systems and processes. We expect to be identified by our customers #1 in terms of quality and delivery performance.


  • Nishijimax CNC Cold Billet Sawing
  • Upsetter Forging
  • Forging & Trim
  • Drop Hammer Forging
  • In-House Heat Treating
  • Wheelabrators Shot Blasting
  • Electrostatic Paint


  • Greater Control of Tooling Quality
  • Hard Milling Process Provides Greater Tool Life for Less Dimensional Variability from Lot to Lot
  • Cost Saving Opportunities
  • CNC Milling Program has Greater Repeatability from Die Sink to Die Sink
  • Shorter Lead Time

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