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SIMON Beschlagtechnik
Aichhalden, Germany
Quality Certification: ISO 9001 Certified, ISO 14001 Certified


SIMON is an innovator and premium supplier of high-quality furniture fitting systems, and manufactures highly functional, complex products with combined damping and push-to-open functions for the furniture industry, e.g. for installation in drawers and cabinets, as well as damping systems for sliding and hinged doors of many different sizes and weight classes.

Simon has been creating functional fittings for many different types of furnishings since 1938. Our Fittings Technology division has grown continuously, keeping up with quickly shifting trends in the home, bath, bedroom, and office areas. Since its inception, it has equipped generation upon generation of furniture pieces with opening and closing systems.


  • SLIDIX II slide damper systems
  • SLIDIX TA slide damper systems
  • SLIDIX TB slide damper systems
  • SLIDIX TC slide damper systems
  • SLIDIX TD slide damper systems
  • SLIDIX TE slide damper systems
  • SLIDIX Centro
  • STOPIX Door Damper
  • PUSHLATCH Push to Open System
  • TIPPY Electronic Locking System

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