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Sherry International
Warren, New Jersey
Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2008 & TS 16949


Created in 1994 in Beijing China, Sherry International, Inc. a small trading company with its roots in the export of industrial laminates and electrical insulation materials to Europe, has evolved into an international import & export company, integrating engineering & technical services with design, manufacturing and marketing.

Since moving its headquarters to New Jersey, USA in 1999, rapid progress has happened to this company. Not only has its products line been expanded from a limited scope at that time to a broad range of products today including mechanical & electric components and finished products. Sherry’s market has also expanded from solely Europe at that time to now North & South America which makes up the most important part of Sherry’s current business activities.


D.C. & A.C. D.C. brushless motors, step motors and components


  • D.C. & A.C. D.C. brushless motors, step motors and components

The key to Sherry's Technical service is our highly qualified and trained staff which provides the following services for their customers:

  • Conducting serious & professional assessment on each project & suppliers.
  • Pursuing professional analysis on customers' drawings and providing appropriate suggestions on materials, machining process to expedite quoting and prototype process.
  • Ensuring product traceability under strict quality control guidance to guarantee superior quality.
  • Tailoring & customize the design and production process to optimize customer's satisfaction.
  • Providing complete resolution and consultation to both suppliers and customers
  • Careful attention and listening to customers' complains on quality, packaging and shipping procedures and are ready to improve and upgraded
  • Regular on site supervision by our responsible team in the production process to ensure smooth execution of the order.
  • Consolidating shipments from different sources to minimize the costs of transaction.

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CPMR Candidate Certified Sales Professional

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Internationally United Commercial Agents & Brokers
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