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ASCO Sintering Co
Commerce, CA
Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2015


ASCO Sintering Co. manufactures precision complex multi-level structural and self-lubricating powdered metal parts and assemblies. Six sigma trained technicians from Engineering and the Shop floor monitor production of Programmable Logic Controlled Powder compacting presses ranging from 4 – 220 tons and Continuous Belt and Pusher Sintering furnaces capable of 2300F using a Network SPC system before finished parts are “qualified” on Non-destructive resonant testing equipment.

ASCO Sintering Co. supplies the automotive, aerospace, lock hardware, lawn & garden, irrigation, medical device, recreational tools, computer, cutlery and defense ordnance industries.

ASCO Sintering Co. processes all materials listed in the MPIF Standard 35 Structural and Self Lubricating Bearing material standards. Materials such as brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, phosphorous iron, iron nickel, carbon and sinterhardened steels, copper infiltrated steel as well as specialized super high performance alloys, "size for size" brass and Aluminum.


  • Tool Design
  • Complete Metallurgical Lab
  • Warm Compaction
  • High Temperature Sintering
  • Sinter Hardening
  • Heat Treatment
  • Resin Impregnation
  • Vibratory de-burr
  • Destructive & non-destructive testing and plating

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