One of our core values at GCS is our belief in offering our principal relationships the utmost in professionalism. This is clearly evident in our commitment to higher education and certification programs such as CSP and CPMR.

We have dedicated this page on our website to fully convey and illustrate our employee participation and qualifications in these programs. The fulfillment of these designations denotes a level of education and commitment beyond the ordinary.

We feel that manufacturer’s representatives offer the most cost effective way for manufacturers to get their product to market, allowing the factory to focus of their core competencies of manufacturing. Selecting the right rep agency should be a serious consideration and one we feel should not be taken lightly. This is why we go the extra mile in our education and certification so we can ensure our principals are making the right choice when they choose to partner with GCS.

Professional Certifications

CPMR Candidate Certified Sales Professional

Member Associations

Internationally United Commercial Agents & Brokers
MANA Certification